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Seal Pup Trapped In Fishing Net
Waterford SPCA got a call recently about a seal pup found in a distressed state on Annestown Beach. When our officers arrived at the beach they found a very emaciated young seal, lying on the beach entangled in a fishing net, without a chance of escape.
The young seal was very thin, he probably couldn't swim fast enough to catch fish due to the drag from the net. It is estimated that he had lost between fifty and seventy per cent of his normal healthy body weight. 
The folds of skin on his sides that you can see on the picture are not ribs but spare skin where he has lost the layer of blubber he needs to survive in cold water.
Once the netting was cut off, the seal was removed from the beach by Waterford SPCA employee Tony Penkert and taken to Seal Rescue Ireland where thankfully he is making a good recovery.
Waterford SPCA received six reports about distressed seals over that particular two week period.
Seal Rescue Ireland give the following advice to members of the public who come across seals on the beach:
1.Do not approach a seal on the beach as they are wild animals and are uncomfortable around humans, they may become defensive and can bite. Sometimes they are on the beach for a reason more than just having a rest and if they feel threatened they will go back into the water.
2. Seals carry a lot of bacteria in their mouth and a bite can become a serious medical issue.
3. Keep dogs away from seals as there are many diseases that can be passed directly from seals to dogs and vice versa, including parvovirus, distemper, rabies, mites, worms etc.
4. Not all seals on a beach are in trouble and they can stay there for extended periods of time and might only need to be monitored from a distance. Occasionally it can take a number of days until the decision is made to take them into care.
5. DO take good quality photos from a distance (showing the full seal from nose to tail) Email/pm the photos to Waterford SPCA OR contact Seal Rescue Ireland directly on 087-1955393 DAY & NIGHT where volunteers can get expert advice.
Members of the public should continue to report animal welfare concerns to the ISPCA and Waterford SPCA by contacting the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or report cruelty online in confidence on http://www.ispca.ie/cruelty_complaint or by calling Waterford SPCA at 051-841432.
Waterford SPCA co-funds the Animal Welfare Inspector in conjunction with ISPCA. This  provides a licensed animal welfare officer to deal with animal welfare concerns in the Waterford City, County and South Tipperary area. 
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