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Milos Magical Ending

Milo, the mastiff cross was rehomed through the Waterford SPCA in January.

We could not be happier with the outcome. He has found his fairytale ending.

His new owners have embraced Milo and he is now one of the family.

We couldnt have found a more perfect home

The Waterford SPCA would like to say a big thank you to all of those who have taken one of our animals into their families and given them the home they deserve.

Private Rehoming

Please meet these beautiful dogs that need a good home due to unforseen circumstances

Chill, the elkhound, is 4 yrs old male. He is lead and house trained. Excellent with children and other dogs.

Ghost is 3 yrs old female. She is lead and house trained. She is neutered.

If you are interested please call Robert on 087 1494332
Home checks may apply

Educating the Scouts

WSPCA really enjoyed its educational talk with the Scouts at the Business Centre in Tramore. Thank you so much for having us.

We love educationg people on what we do and what they can do to help us in our quest to make sure all animals are healthy and happy.

If other groups would like to contact us we are more than happy to give these free talk to any group any time.

You can call the office on 051 841432 or email

Friedas Fairytale Ending

What a difference a loving family can make. Frieda was in the Waterford SPCA family for quiet a while before she found her own forever family.

She is flourishing due to all the love and TLC she is getting.

All of us at the Waterford SPCA would like to send our sincerest thanks to Friedas new family and love getting happy updates.

Owner pleaded guilty to neglect of a Mallinois dog in Thurles District Court on 26/7/2016


A man in Cappaghwhite was fined 500eur (offences under S.12 of AHWA Act 2013) for neglect of his Mallinois dog in August 2015.  Following a report on the 12 August 2015 the Waterford Inspector Alice Lacey visited this persons  property in Cappaghwhite with Garda, a Veterinarian and the Dog Warden to find Cara, a beautiful Mallinois bitch practically collasped in a shocking weakened state, emaciated and dehydrated.  She seized Cara who had to be put on a drip to be rehydrated and given ongoing veterinary treatment before she was fit to be moved to the Society’s kennels. The dog was later surrendered by her owner to the Waterford SPCA. The owner’s defence was he only owned the dog for 5 o 6 weeks and that she failed to put on weight since he got her however after two weeks at the Waterford SPCA Kennels Cara looked like a different dog and had put on  quiet a lot of condition. Waterford SPCA believes it is crucial people who neglect animals realize it is not acceptable and feel the full rigours of the new Animal Welfare Legislation. This was one of three recent cases to come to court for neglect of dogs and successfully pursued by our Animal Welfare Inspector Alice Lacey.  Well done Alice. Ref 5490 Belgian Malinois Female Cappawhite 13-8-15 (6)Ref 5490 Belgian Malinois Female Cappawhite 13-8-15 (3)

Not Just Cats & Dogs – Dunmore East Gull Rescue

The Waterford SPCA were called out today to Dunmore East in relation to a concern for a number of gulls which were in distress at the harbour. Along with vet William from City Vets, and Jane Hilliard, and Joanne Whittle Power and Waterford Animal Welfare, the WSPCA helped to get several of the gulls to safety in order to transport them to the vets.
The gulls had oil coating their feathers, seriously compromising their ability to keep their normal body temperature. The bird’s ability to insulate itself is compromised in this situation and it can die from hypothermia. The weight of the oil can also lead birds to drown as they will have lost their buoyancy in the water. It is an extremely stressful and life-threatening situation for a bird to be in.
Thankfully, the gulls which were successfully taken to the vets today will soon recuperate.
We would ask members of the public to keep an eye out at their local harbours and beaches for any signs of distressed or injured birds and please do not hesitate to contact the Waterford SPCA or a local rescue to help.
Below are a few photographs taken of some of the lucky gulls on arrival to City Vets this afternoon. Well done and thank-you to all involved!!!

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