Leon: Week Two Progress

Leon into week two is doing extremely well in foster. He now ventures into the house by himself, when he wants to, without having to be on a lead. Two very special dogs that deserve a mention are Wilbur and Missy, two King Charles that have also been staying with me for the past couple of days. Wilbur & Missy have brought Leon on so much the last week, simply by them being there. There’s a big fuss in the morning times for breakfast and a play out in the garden, and there are three tails wagging madly and a lot of sniffing, exploring, etc.…
Although I was making progress myself with Leon, there is really nothing like a good bit of canine company for Leon, and this has been a turning point for him. Leon still comes in at night time to sleep on his blanket, and now he’ll follow me to it, rather than me bringing him on the lead. Leon now also jumps in and out of the cage in the back of the van himself, rather than the previous cowering and needing to be picked up to go in. Mind you, the only time he’s in the van is when he is being brought to the beach, and that excites him, so no wonder he jumps in with little hesitation.
The beach has also been a major thing for Leon. I know he had probably never been on one before, and if so, not for a very long time. He walks amazingly well on the lead, and maintains eye contact with me every couple of seconds. The other evening I was stopped by a man walking his dog on the beach, and he was just looking at Leon, so much so, that he stopped walking. He said to me “well, that’s lovely to see”. I was a bit confused, and he explained the way that Leon was moving on the lead. Only then I realised that Leon, while looking at me quite often when out walking and nearly almost always staying by my side, he tends to move around me also, very much like the way a working dog would. Almost waiting for my next command. I believe Leon had a history as a working dog, and he still exhibits those instincts when he is with me. He is very alert, and very intelligent, as collies are. He is also very loving. When he does come to me for a pet, just before I pet him, his eyes flinch just a little bit. Still that bit of uncertainty, but he is slowly getting better.
I think that Leon is happy now, a little more at ease with things around him, and he is improving every day. Leon is up for rehoming, and anyone that is willing to take him on, will have him come fully neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, worm and flea treated.
Please call the office on 051-841432 to express your interest in Leon or message the Facebook page.