Not Just Cats & Dogs – Dunmore East Gull Rescue

The Waterford SPCA were called out today to Dunmore East in relation to a concern for a number of gulls which were in distress at the harbour. Along with vet William from City Vets, and Jane Hilliard, and Joanne Whittle Power and Waterford Animal Welfare, the WSPCA helped to get several of the gulls to safety in order to transport them to the vets.
The gulls had oil coating their feathers, seriously compromising their ability to keep their normal body temperature. The bird’s ability to insulate itself is compromised in this situation and it can die from hypothermia. The weight of the oil can also lead birds to drown as they will have lost their buoyancy in the water. It is an extremely stressful and life-threatening situation for a bird to be in.
Thankfully, the gulls which were successfully taken to the vets today will soon recuperate.
We would ask members of the public to keep an eye out at their local harbours and beaches for any signs of distressed or injured birds and please do not hesitate to contact the Waterford SPCA or a local rescue to help.
Below are a few photographs taken of some of the lucky gulls on arrival to City Vets this afternoon. Well done and thank-you to all involved!!!

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