Ruby & Domino

Ruby and Domino are beautiful female Terrier Xs who have recently arrived in our shelter.

Ruby is 2.5 yrs old and Tan coloured and her daughter Domino (or Dommy for short) is 1 yr old and Tricoloured (black/tan/white). They are big in size for Terriers.
Both girls are extremely affectionate dogs and will make fantastic companions😊
Ruby has an overbite which makes her look a little like Chewbacca from Star Wars but it really makes her all the more endearing😊😊😊

Ruby and Domino will be vaccinated, kennel coughed, wormed, flea treated, neutered and microchipped prior to rehoming. They are used to older children and have been around cats in their previous home.
They are doing well lead training at the moment and will need some TLC, patience and understanding while housetraining and learning other new skills.
If you would like to adopt Ruby and/ or Domino please call us on 051-841432, email or pm.
Homechecks apply as normal and a 100 % secure garden is essential.


Gracie is a 6 year old female Tan and White Greyhound X and little Bandit is a 4 month old Black and White male Greyhound X puppy.

Both Gracie and Bandit are sweet natured, gentle and placid dogs, very typical of their breed.
They both have beautiful markings and will make lovely companions.
Following rescue Gracie has been receiving treatment for a cut to her leg and Bandit is slowly gaining weight but both are really looking forward to getting their forever homes where they would love a nice comfy couch to call their own.
Vaccination, worming, microchipping, kennel cough, flea treatment and neutering will be done as part of rehoming.
Gracie and Bandit will need some TLC, patience and understanding while learning new skills and settling into their new homes. They are not cat tested but get on well with other dogs.
They are doing very well on the lead and love having the backs of their ears massaged.
If you would like to adopt Gracie and/or Bandit please call us on 051-841432, email or pm. Homechecks apply as normal.


Gorgeous MILO is an adorable dog who is looking for a loving home to call his own and where he can be an active part of the family and receive alot of attention.

Milo is a Doberman X and is only a young boy at just over 2 years old.
Milo’s living situation prior to his arrival at the shelter consisted of him being left out in a back garden with little interaction from his owner.
It is not just food, water and shelter, a dog also needs their physiological and mental needs met – social interaction with people and his own kind and freedom to express his normal behaviour.
Milo is a big dog with an even bigger heart and will need a large 100% secure garden to play in. He loves to be on the lead out for his walks and he is extremely affectionate and loves people.
He has previously lived with cats.
Our main aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals and we would love to see things come full circle for Milo.

Milo is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.
Please call our office on 051-841432 if you would like to adopt this sweet boy. A home check will apply.


Famous Four

We have 5 special little pets to introduce you to now….All have spent their lives together, but it is not essential that they are rehomed together, although if you want to take two, there’s no problem there.😊

First up we have a very special little lady – “Bella”. She is a 3 year old female Pug/Beagle X. Bella is small in size and is an absolute doll. Very gentle & sweet.

Our last girl of the group is “Lola”, a 14 month old Chihuahua X. Lola is a nervous little girl, and my god is she absolutely tiny, but she is such a sweetie.

The boys aren’t too shabby either….first up is “Tyson”, I’m sure you were expecting a huge monster of a dog, but Tyson likes to think he’s that big, even though he’s very small in size. He is a 3 year old Chihuahua. Again, a gentle little boy.

Finally, we have “Silver”, a 14 month old male Chihuahua X. Silver is Lola’s brother and is very small in size.

We are looking for indoor homes for these little guys as they deserve every bit of comfort they can get.
All will be vaccinated, neutered, wormed, flea treated and microchipped before they go to their new homes. They will need help with house training and lead training.

If you are interested in having one of the Famous 4 in your home, please contact the Waterford SPCA on 051-841432, email or pm to register for a homecheck.
(Office hours Mon-Thurs 10-2pm and Fri 10-1pm)
A 100 % secure garden is essential.


Thankyou PetMania

We had a very successful rehoming event in Petmania yesterday. Thanks to Kelley and all at PetMania for hosting the event and for their generous donation to our work. Congrats to Paul who won the hamper. Thanks to all who stopped by to meet our precious pooches and thanks to all who expressed interest in giving a second chance to our beloved rescue dogs. We will be in touch soon. Hope you enjoy the photos – look at how big Dara and Rory have got, happy to see Shadow make new friends and good to see Benito so relaxed with the Paparazzi!!!


Benito – blessed to meet Alice



See above – Benito’s first night in his foster home and prior to this a picture of him at City Vets.

I wasn’t looking for Benito, but I found him. Among an old burned out fire pit, and strewn in with long incinerated cartons of milk and empty plastic bottles, lay a 5 month old bag of bones. He was still a baby, and just like the burned out remains of rubbish that he laid upon, he had long been forgotten about.The name “Benito” in Spanish, means “blessed”, and this is the perfect way to describe today. Blessed to find him and blessed that he was still alive. Benito is a Whippet, a sighthound breed originating in England. He is gentle by nature. He can be a couch potato, just as much as he can run laps around you. Benito’s recovery will be slow…when found he was curled up into a tight ball with head under chest. Tonight, he is in the same position, happy to sleep in warmth, but also wary of me. Any sudden movement and he’s all ears. As much as I would love to molly-coddle him tonight, for now, I am leaving him to just be. There are hundreds, thousands just like him out there, social media littered with the same stories over and over again, each story just as deserving as the next to get the recognition to express the plight of sighthound breeds. In the 8 hours since he was taken into the care of the Waterford SPCA, he has shown me hands down, that when an animal, in some way, shape or form has been neglected, intentionally or not, they can without fail show a complete stranger, that stranger being me, that they are willing to forgive. We underestimate them, and it is with that that we find ignorance, mistreatment & utter disregard for an animal that shows us they hold some of the most amazing qualities, ones which we should live by ourselves. Respect, loyalty, and very importantly, kindness. If you want to find some of the best attributes man can have, look down at the four legged animal that lies by your feet.   He will not suddenly realise overnight that he won’t be neglected ever again, but he will slowly shift into his new life, become accustomed to it, and start to feel better again. As an Animal Welfare Inspector, I see many cases of cruelty, neglect and ill-treatment of animals, but I am fully aware that some of the sighthound breeds in this country draw the short straw time and time again. If I can ask just one thing after you read this post, it is to share it and spread the word that Benito is looking for a new home, and that many of his brothers and sisters around this island are also looking for homes. For now, Benito says goodnight, but he’s already thinking ahead. He has it all planned out. He says thank you for giving him a new life, thank you for giving him a new home, and thank you for the invitation to share the rest of his life with you. Please follow Benito’s progress over the next couple of weeks via the Facebook page, and website. If you would like to express your interest in giving him a home, we couldn’t think of anything more amazing. This can be done through the ISPCA Facebook page & website, or Waterford SPCA Facebook page & website.